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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zoukei Mura J7W1 Shinden - 1/32 - In Box Review

The sizeable and robust box kit comes in a perfect package to protect it during the long journey from the land of the rising sun ... The attractive picture of the boxart  shows 2 Shinden night fighters in the process of B-29 interception.

Opening the box we are dealing with 3 different colours of injected plastic frames   (Matchbox lives!) individually bagged for extra protection.

-4 pale gray sprues
-3 silver sprues
-1 black 

There is also 1  transparent sprue, a book (!) with instructions and signal card in the package which includes masks for masking and a metallic length which comes to strengthen the nose undercarriage arm.

The 40 pages instruction booklet is printed as an old Japanese World War II   handbook  and is written in fluent Japanese, while there are some English captionsA page in English that presents the historical data of the aircraft is also included .Very clever idea of printing the book  like an old handbook .Inside, the instructions are excellent and very informative, while there are photographs of assembled pieces everytime an assembly stage is completed.


Overall, there are 252 pieces in the packaging and plastic is in very good  molding quality ,hard to identify a piece of flash.
With the gray plastic are reflected the external pieces of kit (fuselage, wings, etc.). The panel lines are engraved and fortunately they are not too deep or too wide and also the rivets are printed at the right depth and shape in my opinion.




In the silver-colored frames have been molded the internal parts of the kit, such as cockpit,engine, etc.
The engine (Mitsubishi HA 43-42, 18 cylinders) is a project by itself, and consists of 65 pieces (plus some wiring, etc. you'll  need to add , you can easily surpass 100 pieces, so you understand to what extented and detailed construction the modeler have to deal with).The molding is excellent. 
The same goes for the cockpit, with very good detail as well as for the  2 seats wich are included (one with a belt and one without). Overall quality and detail of the interior detail is very good and of course this you can find it to the machine gun compartment as well.




In the black coloured frames are included landing gear, guns, the spectacular six blade propeller, wheels, etc. They are in very good quality too but  I was feeling bad that the wheels are not "naturally depressed" this omission is not in line with the rest  attention for detail shown by the manufacturer.

Transparent parts are also in very good quality, clear with good detail and the kit provides the opportunity for a hood in open or closed position.


Finally,the decal sheet  concerning the first aircraft flown for testing purposes.

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