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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ki-30 Ann (Pavla 1/72) - Part I

The Mitsubishi Ki-30 (九七式軽爆撃機 Kyunana-shiki keibakugekiki?) was a Japanese light bomber of World War II. It was a single-engine, mid-wing, cantilever monoplane of stressed-skin construction with a fixed tailwheel undercarriage and a long transparent cockpit canopy. The type had significance in being the first Japanese aircraft to be powered by a modern two-rowradial engine. During the war, it was known by the Allies by the name Ann.
(The above text is from Wikipedia)

The kit
The offering from Pavla of this quite rare aeroplane is classified in the short-run category. There is only one tree with polysterene parts, a vacformed canopy, a small P/E fret and of course a decal sheet including decals for 2 aeroplanes.
The interior detail is fairly basic while the exterior detail consists of finely engraved lines which are very shallow and need rescribing to deepen them a bit, especially the control surfaces.


I started by adding some detail in the cockpit area from plastic sheet and some leftovers found in the spares box, although little will be visible at the end. 


Also, since Pavla includes a rear machine gun in P/E, which is not at all realistic, I made a new machine gun from scratch, using plastic and some P/E items.


After some research concerning the interior colors of japanese army aircraft, I opted to paint the interior with an intermediate blue colour, as it was found that there was an order to paint with this color the interiors of army aircraft from 1936.


Next step is to close the fuselage halves, and continue with the assembly in order to prepare for painting. This will follow in step II of this wip.

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