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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Macchi c.202 Folgore series III - 1/48 Hasegawa (PART I)

Hello everybody!

This is my build of the Italian "lightning" (folgore) Macchi c.202 in quarter scale by Hasegawa. I used the nice detail set of the Hungarian FM company.

First job was to clean the resin parts and glue all the necessary photo etched parts and also to detail the engine. I also marked the areas to be removed on the fuselage:




Then, the painting of the parts was done, main cockpit and inner parts is FS 34227 which is quite close to "verde anticorrosione", the Italian interior green. I used semi gloss black to paint the engine and all the smaller parts, switches, cables etc. were painted with Vallejo acrylics.





Before closing the fuselage's two halves, I made some corrections, since Hasegawas offering is of late production series and I am modelling a series III plane. So, I covered some hatces on the wings and rescribed a new in the right position, deleted the wing guns and the respective shell extraction holes on the bottom of the wings, repositioned the oxygen provision hole on the left fuselage and also deleted the antenna mast and the dipole connection part, since early series planes had only a small antenna. Last job was to glue the two fuselage halves together and the wings to the fuselage (great fit, no putty used except just a smear in the bottom wings-fuselage connection).





After the respective masking, the fun begun! Painting!
The plane I am modelling, had its right wing replaced from a wing of a different plane with different camo (smoke rings)! I opted to represent this wing in a better condition than the rest of the plane, so I did not fade the colours so much on the right wing.
Everything was airbrushed free hand, including the smoke rings.
That's all for now folks, in the next part I will post the finished model (I still have to paint the white areas, national insignia etc and also to put everything together).

Enjoy the photos!






  1. Poly oreos!
    Mou aresei to camo kai i kato epifaneia...poly petyximeni!
    Kali synexeia,

    - Alangelo