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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Minenraumer Krupp Raumer "S"

This is a New Connection's full resin kit in 1/35

 In 1944, Krupp built a prototype of this super heavy mineclearing vehicle.
The 130t vehicle was articulated in the centre, and was suspended on 2.7m diameter steel wheels.
These were set on different track widths at front and rear, so as to sweep a wider path.
Each section of the Raumer S was powered by a Maybach HL90 motor.
It was captured at end of the war by the U.S Army.
 New Connection's kit is very nice casted; But due the size and material some modeler's experience will be neccessary. The construction's stages guide is very complicated and in some points you can't understand what goes where; A difficult and already OOP kit but a "must" for a Germans' armor collector.


  1. I research since many years the KRUPP MINEN RÄUMER "S" of the celebrate but untraceable German brand NEW CONNECTION MODELS,...
    You can indicate me if it is a matter of a rare piece preserved since a long time and stocked with the author of these lines,... Or well if this model is to reprint by the famous brand ? For I will wish to know or to obtain me this model,...
    I thank you for your listens and your assistance
    Best Regards
    Patrick MATHIOTTE

  2. Dear friend;
    I bought this model many years ago by a local model shop as a special order due it wasn't in stock. I think that it's out of production since 2000 but I am not quite sure about. Maybe you can find it through EBay.....My advice is to wait until a model company will produce it in plastic in more than half cost; like many old resin kits