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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rommel's Dummy tank Kubelwagen 1/35

It's a Neograde's conversion based on Tamiya's Kubelwagen

During North Africa operations in W.W. II Rommel's 'Special' workshop has produced a number of strange vehicles for "strategic" proposes. One of them was the camouflaged Kubelwagen as a light tank. Kubelwagen's shape was perfect to be "transformed" in a light thanks to a light wooden cage covered by a sheet. Also a piece of wood seemed like a 2cm cannon meanwhile another piece of wood was tied with chains on the back of the Kubelwagen created a dust cloud as a tank's tracks. All these helped in a simple Kubelwagen to look like a PzII.
 NeoGrade's conversion is very easy and made by a perfect resin quality. There are some fitting issues on Kubelwagen's (Tamiya) back engine's deck. Accessories are very nice reproduced and very helpfull.


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