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Sunday, June 3, 2012

T-2 Buckeye - Matchbox 1/72

Hi everybody!

This is my latest model, a T-2 Buckeye in 1/72nd scale from Matchbox.
I made some corrections, i.e. erased all deep Matchbox engraved lines and rescribed again the kit with most prominent panel lines.


Also, I added side walls to the wheel wells and also riveted the kit. I did not do any other modifications, since this model was build for a group build in and I had to catch up the deadlines (with no success since due to lack of spare time, I was overdue also but anyway).
I made new seats, using as basis the kit's seats and added detail from the spares box, sides from plastic sheet, etc. 
I also applied instruments from spare decals and also used spare decals for the consoles.




As a fan of fading, I painted the model free handed giving a faded look to the colours. 
And this is the final result:








  1. Ioannis, that is absolutely AMAZING! Pity you didn't have time to get the Pavla Models cockpit/canopy, as they are very good!
    I am working on the same kit just now. I got the cockpit/canopy set from Pavla and I have them ready to go in, but I will spend a lot of time filling/sanding/scribing the panels.
    I wanted to ask you, what did you use as filler? Last time I tried to fill/sand and then scribe panel lines, the putty (Tamiya) was crumbling at times and was giving me issues. I've been thinking of using super-fine epoxy putty as filler. Any ideas?
    And what tool did you use for scribing and riveting? Your work is exquisite!
    Well done from Scotland!

  2. Hi Sotirios, thank you very much for your coments mate!
    I am aware of Pavla products for this kit, but this model was built for a group build (for vinrage kits), so I had to work with certain time constraints. Anyway, as my prefered scale is 1:48, I have the Special Hobby kit in the stash, to work with more detail.
    If you want to drill or engrave, you have to use epoxy putty, everything else (usual putty, and sometimes cyanoglue) will cause problems. I use mainly Magic Sculp but any epoxy will do the trick, I think.
    For riveting I used Rosie the Riveter tools.