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Thursday, December 27, 2012

T-28 Leningrand front - ICM 1/35

Few years ago ICM has produced the soviet T-28 multi turret tank in scale 1/35. I like the multi turret tanks so I bought one thinking to make it in winter camo. Many of them saw action near Leningrand front first against finish forces and then against germans just before the famous siege. It was a slow tank already obsolent against PzIII & PzIV so soviet defenders used them like armored defence posts taking advantage of multiple turrets. As the german forces went closer and closer to the city of Leningrand destroying the bunkers and the other defensive posts T-28 crews took away the machine guns and were destroying the rest of the tanks. Only few abandoned T-28s were been re-grouped in finish or german units.

 First I paint all the tank with a mix of Gunze H-303 making highlights and some postshadding by the airbrush.

 Then with several passes of hair fixative - white color and some washes with oil colors I tried to reproduce the white camo effect....


Back again. I finished the excaust and the small turrets

 Now I am working on the jacks' holders with spare p.e. parts.


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