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Friday, April 5, 2013

L37L (F) Lorraine Schlepper RPM (Dragon / Zvezda) 1/35

 This week I decide to work with something different...a beute panzer during the german invasion in Russia.
 Germans during the W.W. II have used many captured tanks or other vehicles to move their units and the materials. One of them was the french "tracteur blinde 37L" made by the Societe Lorraine 387 from 1937 'till 1940. It was a quick small tank powered by a 6-cyl. DelaHaye 3500cc 103TT motor with 70PS able to carry small or medium guns. Lorraine 37L was the base model for many conversions made by french and german army; Some of them like troop carrier, field observer, self prop. gun etc. Personally I make it like a captured by germans but with the original french camo somewhere in Russia during the march to Stalingrand.


 I used Gunze's lacquer colors trying to make the french colors as I haven't the originals' numbers. I add a resin Notek and a resin horn. At the storage place I put a p.e. piece like a floor (as many of them had it). BalkanKreuz and other insignia are made with Eduard's masks.

 I start to glue the sospensions and the wheels...................................


 ....and here we are....Lorraine is close to be finished. I am waiting Friul's tracks (due RPM's are bad) and hope to start the towed gun this weekend.


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