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Friday, April 12, 2013

L37L (F) Lorraine Schlepper RPM (Dragon / Zvezda) 1/35 Part 2

.......Today I decide to continue with my Lorraine's trailers and some loads. Lorraines as gun tractors usually was towing PAKs or other field guns; mine as maybe you notice the rear sign was belonging to a mortar company so I need a mortar.....a big mortar. There are two kits about german ex-soviet heavy mortars in 1/35 by Dragon and Zvezda

Both kits have the same mortar the heavy ex-soviet 12cm mod.42 filed mortar. Zvezda's kit is very simple and badly molded BUT there are two trailers for mortar and for it's ammos. On the other hand Dragon's mortar is very accurate with a lot of ammo boxes and many granades. So I decide to compine these two kits......
this is Zvezda's ammo trailer with Tamiya wheels.......

.....and this is Zvezda's mortar trailer carring Dragon's mortar.

  I add some extra load from my spare box
 and here it's a L37L (F) Lorraine Schlepper in german service towing a heavy mortar somewhere in Russia on the way to Stalingrand
  Now I am waiting Lorraine's tracks by Friul...see ya ;-)


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