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Saturday, May 11, 2013

T-26-4 Hobby Boss + TOM Modellbau 1/35

 Last days I have a "modelling passion" about "made in ex-U.S.S.R" tanks and vehicles always in 1/35 scale. So among these that I'm trying to assemble it's a T-26-4.
 T-26-4 was a conversion based on the T-26's hull with a quite larger turret able to be placed a KT-28 76.2mm gun. The conversions were been done in Leningrand stabs and their object was to support the infantry against heavy fortifications. Unfortunately whole project was cancelled after a firing accident but however some of them were been produced and fought near Leningrand.

 There are 3 T-26-4 kits by Maquette Eastern Express and TOM Modellbau in 1/35. I sellect the TOM's kit thinking "maybe it's better than others" but I was wrong...same kits = same problems. The only worthing piece is the resin turret. S
So I decide to buy the new Hobby Boss's T-26 Mod 1935. This is a PERFECT kit including p.e. parts and tracks link by link.


And here we are a T-26-4 using TOM's turret and Hobby Boss's hull etc





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