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Saturday, October 26, 2013

M1117GR Hellenic Special Forces AFV Club 1/35

Hello again my friends. I bought some years ago this kit thinking to convert it as the Humvee of Hellenic special forces units. So after a small research on the web I found some vehicle's photos and that's was a good reason to start it.

 The M1117GR is a greek version of the famous Humvee made in ELBO (Hellenic Vehicles Industries) by
the help of Israel. It's a multiple role light attack vehicle and usually is armed with two FN MAGs or a FN MAG and a M60; It's possible to be armed also with a MG3 macchine gun but never seen yet.
 The AFV Club's kit practically is an old Academy's Humvee (M998) including some resin parts by Hobby Fan for the newest Humvee's edition cabrio conversion. Everything is nice moulded with nice details.

FN MAGs are by Dragon (Modern guns set) meanwhile the spare tire's cover is scratch build by Evergreen's plastic with some p.e. parts from my spare box.


I used Tamiya's and Gunze's acrilic colors trying to make the greek pattern camo used on these vehicles



Hope you like it; Thanks for watching!

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