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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

R-300 Elbrus/SS-1c Scud B (9K72) Dragon 1/35 - PART 1

 Hello again my friends.....Now these days I am trying to build a Dragon's Scud B in 1/35 scale.

 It's a quite difficult kit due moulding problems; Maybe too old ? Maybe due the large pieces ? Really I don't know but I used a lot of cyano glue with kicker meanwhile it was neccessary a hot air pistol to make softer and easily handled the chassis.


 There were also problems on the missile; Unfortunately the panels' lines of the 2 halfs weren't been coincided so I used a little of cyano glue to fill them and a scribber to remade them.

Once everything was ok I started with the missile. I used different Gunze's colors and an already ready filter by MIG Productions. 

 Next step was the front cabines where I used some Eduard's p.e. parts with also some HAD Models resin parts. 


 Same for the central missile's guidance cabine.

 So after 2 days I became to assemble all the Scud's components. I used AKAN's & Gunze's acrylic / lacquer colors for the camo.



              Today my Scud seems like this. 



 Of course there is a lot of work to do so stay tuned ;-)

   thank you for watching....t.b.c.

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