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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mig-29M Trumpeter 1:32nd scale

Hi guys!

Here I am presenting you my latest build, a Mig-29M by Trumpeter in 1:32nd scale. This is basically built OOB, except the Avionics cockpit and Quickboost's FOD covers.

Overall, the kit has good fit, and builds pleasently. I read some critisism in the web about some incorrections and mistakes regarding the shape of the model compared to the real aircraft but I did not made any in deep research, as far as it concerns me, the finished model represents very well a Mig-29!
So, being an OOB build I do not have much to write and share with you regarding building process, the Avionix cockpit fits very well, no modifications needed.
I painted a weathered version of thw camo, as my usual tactic, using post shading with highlights and shadows on the basic colours!

Until next time, enjoy the photos!






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