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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spitfire Mk.vb trop - Tamiya 1/48

Hello my friends, this is a Tamiya’s Spitfire Mk.vb trop in 1/48 scale.The kit was build straight from the box and I added only the Eduard RAF harness and buckless set.

I painted the cockpit with interior green using Tamiya XF-71 which has a similar shade. I washed the parts with a thin mix of Raw Umber.
I removed the two strakes on each upper wing using sandpapers and rescribed the panel lines. This effort was easier than I expected. I installed the Vokes filter and I painted the lower surfaces using Xtracolor X26 Azure Blue. The upper surfaces were painted using Gunze acrylics Dark Earth H72 and Middle Stone H71.
I used the kit camouflage guide by cutting it and applying it on the model. The weathering was made by adding a few drops of white to the colours. I sprayed the gloss coat from Tamiya. The kit decals performed well using Micro set and Micro sol.
I replaced the red colour of the national markings at the tail and at the fuselage with blue using Humbrol 189. The kit was washed using very dilluted black and brown enamel colours. The spinner was painted using Gunze red H3. The exhausts were painted with Gunze Dark Iron and I drybrushed them using Humbrol Brick Red. The exhaust stains were made by using Gunze Smoke Grey. The chipping was made with a silver pencil. At the end I sprayed with the Gunze flat coat.
The photos show a Spitfire of the Royal Hellenic Air Force, 336 fighter squadron. The location is Middle East and the year is 1944. Serial number is unknown.
The kit is flawless, just make one.



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