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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

P-51D Mustang FAS (Fuerza Aérea Salvoreña) - Dragon 1:32

 Hello friends 
  this time I decide to build up one of my favorite airplanes the famous P-51D Mustang. Since when I was kid I always admired it's shape and the engine's sound but didn't like much their bare metal finish. Few years ago I saw a documentary on History Channel about the "100 hours war" or better know as "the soccer war" between Honduras & El Salvador in 1969; A very interesting war because meanwhile U.S.A.F. and other countries were fighting with jet fighters in Vietnam this war was made with W.W. II era airplanes from both sides. There were flying Mustangs, Corsairs, Dakotas etc 

 El Salvador air forces were using many P-51D Mustangs and some P-51K Cavaliers as bomb fighters but sometimes also like dogfighters without any great success. Unfortunately all those W.W. II airplanes were quite slow for the A/A fires. About all P-51D/K were been ex private collection airplanes transported from U.S.A. 

    About the Dragon's kit

 The kit is in a quite big box with a nice artbox; At least this one of the reason that I bought it. When you open the box you see many plastic bags with a plenty of pieces. Details are great.....BUT....the most of them are wrong!!!!! Meanwhile the 99% of modelers are trying to reproduce rivets on their kits here happens totaly the different, you MUST eliminate many many rivets. All the rivets on the wings and many of them on the fulsage are wrong like place and like dimensions too. So you must fill them with putty or glue and sanding them 'till they gone be dissapeared. 

  After a week and a lot of filling with putty and sanding (thanks God Proxxon's sanding machine) I finished this "big latin bird". I can say that it was a pleasant construction a part of some issues.



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