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Sunday, December 6, 2015

JAGUAR XKR GT3 Airfix 1/32

 One of the last model kit that I finished in 2015 is the Jaguar XKR GT3 version in 1/32 by Airfix.

Few words about the real car

 Jaguar  has decide to race in the FIA GT3championship with a powerfull version of XKR against Ferrari, Ford, Porsche and BMW. The XKR is powered by a 510bhp 4.2lt supercharged V8 engine. The huge rear wing and the front splitter enable the Jaguar to generate massive down force so the XKR can corner at speeds far in excess of standard road version.

The model kit 

 Airfix introduced a new serie of racing cars in 1/32 such as Jaguar XKR GT3, Aston Martin DBR9 and the little Mini Countryman WRC. Once opening Jaguar's box you can understand that many things have been changed about Airfix's moulding. Everything is been moulded in nice plastic with a lot of detail. Trasparent parts are in separate plastic bag so they are clear but no so thin. 
Unfortunately after some dry fits modeller understand that assembling is far away by kit's quality....There are many fitting ussues specialy with trasparent parts (glasses, lights) and wheels. Still can't understand why Airfix has mould the tires in this way - Solid plastic with moulding signs - 
Huge problems also with decals. I orded a second decals' sheet by Airfix due that kit's decals were trasparent without "glue" and very very thin. Second sheet's decals were ok (at least with "glue" and not trasparent). 
 Afterwords I would say that this kit isn't for a new modeler without experience. Nice like idea by Airfix (Jaguar XKR) but not so ok like kit.

 For the interiors I used "Off White" (Gunze) and I made a little post shadding using "Light Grey" (Gunze). The bucket seat was been moulded badly with all its seatbelts etc so I eliminated everything and made new using masking tape and p.e. parts. Also I re-shaped the seat due its wrong shape and dimensions.


 For the tires I used an old trick; I used my Dremel like a lathe and I eliminated the moulding's signs by a piece of sandpaper (400 grades). Finally I made all of them quite smooth using always pieces of sandpaper (1000 grades). To paint them I use "Tire Black" (Gunze) and dry brush by "Black Base" (Andrea Miniatures Black color set). Rims were been colored by "Magnesium" (Alclad II)


 Next step was the exteriors. I found that Jaguar's colour is someting like "Gun Metal" so I used Humbrol's "Gun Metal". I think it's the closer to the original colour. Also I used "Brillant White" by Zero Paints for the central white stripe. Before decals I used Zero Paints' lacquer gloss varnish and started to put decals.


 Once everything was ok 2 "hands" of varnish 2K by my Iwata "sigilated" colour and decals. 


 Hope you like it my friends. Thank you for watching :-)

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