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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

T-70M c VT-42 - MiniArt + RB Models

 Hello again my friends. After hours n' hours on pc looking for my new project in 1/35 I found a rare photo of a small soviet tank W.W.II era. It was a conversion of the light T-70M.
 There is darkness about it's story due there are only 1-2 original photos and only a small reference about it. After the german invasion all T-60s and T-70s were already quite old and couldn't fight against the german panzers; So russians were using them only for recon operations. Their 45mm/L46 cannon couldn't penetrate panzers' armour (except Marks I and II) and they had a lot of engines' problem. In 1942 russians change the two GaZ-202 motors with two more powerfull GaZ-203 always in-line on the right side of the tank. The update tank was named T-70M.