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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

T-70M c VT-42 - MiniArt + RB Models

 Hello again my friends. After hours n' hours on pc looking for my new project in 1/35 I found a rare photo of a small soviet tank W.W.II era. It was a conversion of the light T-70M.
 There is darkness about it's story due there are only 1-2 original photos and only a small reference about it. After the german invasion all T-60s and T-70s were already quite old and couldn't fight against the german panzers; So russians were using them only for recon operations. Their 45mm/L46 cannon couldn't penetrate panzers' armour (except Marks I and II) and they had a lot of engines' problem. In 1942 russians change the two GaZ-202 motors with two more powerfull GaZ-203 always in-line on the right side of the tank. The update tank was named T-70M.

In 1942 russians had a massive quantity of M1942 (M42 or VT42) anti-tank guns due the use of ZiS-5 (76.2mm) gun. So russians were thinking to use them on various old and already obselete tanks. One of those projects was mounting the VT42 on a T-70M light tank. Story says that there were only few (max. 10) and never saw action - Some russian historians says that they fought at Caucasus area - The new T-70M c (with) VT-42 was quite ferocius thanks to the 45mm/L66 cannon. It could penetrate all panzers' armour Panthers's sides include. The small tank was looking quite serious with that long barrel cannon and it was really. Same cannon was mounted also on T-80 light tank but it was only one prototype.....Zavods were already producing the new famous T-34s.

 About the model kit. The best T-70M in 1/35 is MiniArt's and yes the best can be better......there is its limited edition with p.e. parts. So I select the limited edition to avoid buying Eduard's p.e. set.

 MiniArt's model is marvelous!!! Molded in really awesome plastic with a lot of details. Of course tracks are made as link by link and yes all periscopes are molded in trasparent plastic!!! VT-42 was a small question as nobody is producing this cannon - MiniArt's model has the short 45mm/L46 cannon. After a small searching I found out that that VT-42 was also used by germans as "45mm M-42 Pak 184(r)". That's it, my project could be started finally......


 About painting......T-70M c VT42 seems to was all 4BO but as some russian historians says that they were operating at Caucasus front I searched more infos about that area camos. I found many BTs and T-34s in 3 colours camo the same pattern as Leningrad's area. So I decide to paint it in 3tones camo using AKAN paints.



Next step will be wheels and tracks........
  to be continued!!!

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