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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mark IV "Male" - Emhar 1/35

Hello again my friends!!! One of my latest models is the old but honest Mark IV by Emhar in "Male" version. 

 I know that these days there are some new Mark's kit by Takom, Tamiya etc which are more accurate with a lot of details but as I had this one by Emhar I decide to build it as an OOB construction. 
 Last September (2016) was the 100th anniversary of the first tank used in battlefields so I built it as a tribute to this anniversary.
 Emhar's kit has many issues like fitting, molding and mostly the tracks in hard vinil. The guns' molding is quite bad and personally Iwould prefer to change them by new ones in metal - Finally I kept them and tried to optimised them using my Dremel and various sand papers. Same with tracks;  Thank God now you can find them in white metal by Friul but once again I kept the originals trying to optimise them.  

 I used the British Olive Drab by Zero Paints as a color base making various shades mixing it with Black and Brown always by Zero Paints. As Emhar's decals were been destroyed by umidity I make masks using Kabuki's masking tape (yellow one). So I sprayed the white "2" and the red-white bands.
 After that I made various washes and pin-washes using enamel and oil colours.

 Finally I glued using cyano the tracks but first I made them softer using a headresser hot phone by distance. Last touch was dusting it with various pigments.

 And that's it......I finished it in 3 days straight OOB.

   Hope you like it

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