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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chevrolet convertible 1937 - Lindberg 1/32

 Hello again my friends!!!

a little of history

Few months ago meanwhile I was looking various original W.W. II era photos I noticed that few "chevies" convertibles where in german army service. Most were in Luftwaffe service like officers' staff cars still on their "civil outfit" but some of them painted in panzer grey without chrome trims to avoid the british/american airplanes.

I was wondering about those Chevrolets; How it's possible an american civil car been used by germans during the war?? After a small research I found that G.M. had an industry at Belgium where was producing two types of vehicle: the convertible model 1936/1937 and the saloon model 1936/1937 (long wheel base). So it's obvious that after the germany invasion to Belgium many of them were been taken to germany military service.

about the kit

 At the moment the only available model kit about this vehicle close to 1/35 is by Lindberg in 1/32.
Lindberg "saying" 1/32 but after a small scale measure I found that it's 1/34,5 so very close to 1/35. That's it I decide to find it and try to assemble it. Unfortunately Lindberg's model kits are rare here in Greece but thanks to a e-shop I bought it for few euros.  
 The Lindberg's kit is very very simple just 10-15 pieces in white plastic and 3 more in trasparent plastic. Moulding is quite bad....a lot of pin marks, and other moulding marks. Trasparent pieces are looking too bad, thick and full of scratches meawhile many pieces like gears' lever etc are too big and out of scale. 

 So I decided that my spare box is more than neccessary!!! I changed the rear's lever, the steering wheel and the handbrake's lever by new ones (ex Airfix's Monty Humber) meanwhile I added the three neccessary pedals (accelerator/brake/clutch) using spare p.e. parts. Next were the three handles (doors - bootlid)....I used those from my spare box (Airfix's Monty Humber again). By Airfix's Monty Humber are also the two headlights. At the end I removed the wipers using a chispel and replaced them with others in p.e. As I wrote the trasparent piece for the front glass was too bad full of scratches so I replaced it by a new using a business card's trasparent thermo-cover, cut properly at the right dimensions.Using the same material I made the back brakes' lights pianted with trasparent red.
 I paint all the car in panzer grey using again the "panzer grey modulation set" by Gunze but without a lot of contrast because it supposes to be a staff car without a lot of combat experience so its color should be more "new". After that I made a "heavy" wash with black (oil paint) to add some volume.


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