The Akamat messenger!

Modelling is just fun!!


Hi everybody!

We are 4 friends, modellers from Thessaloniki, Greece:
Thanasis Bozinis, Yiannis Stathakos, Panagiotis Fanaropoulos and Yiannis Giavasis.

Initially we were 5, Alvinos Sioukris was in the team also, he was studying in Thessaloniki University but he returned to his homeland, Cyprus, after graduation.

"Akamatis" in Greek, means a lazy, slacker person, who can never catch up with deadlines and is generally working slowly. We chose this name for our blog, as a joke and as a hilarious name, although this description fits perfectly to most of us regarding our modelling deeds.

We made up this blog in order to present WIPs of our projects and share our modelling techniques and methods, but the main goal is to have fun!
Other than that, we have no other intension with the creation of this blog.

You are free to look and comment on our projects. Bear in mind that your comments will be administrated, hence they will not show up immediately.

Have fun!

The AKA-MAT team!